Dear leaders and friends,

                              Happy New Year!

                              In the New Year approaching, I, on behalf of all members of HuiXin Group, express our earnest gratitude and festival wishes to all leaders, community friends and users who care and support the development of HuiXin Group!

                              The year past is one year when our country overcame all kinds of challenges and obtained splendid achievements; it is also the year when our country overcame various difficulties and made great progress. The market economy is faced with such serious situation in 2005, market downturn, and continued weakness in the price quotation. When facing challenges, HuiXin members forged ahead with determination, forwarded despite difficulties, made well response to the market changes with clam management strategy and decision, and has stood the most severe test. We have not only avoided risks effectively, but have also achieved outstanding business performance in related industries and fields.

                              Prospect for 2006, the bright future is in front of us. With care and support from social friends, all members of HuiXin Group will do our best with one mind. We believe HuiXin Group will have more brilliant career!

                              Finally, we wish everyone happy New Year, good health, happy family, brilliant career and all the best!

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